Masks Don't Lie

Masks Don't Lie takes place in Venice, Italy.
The city is built on and surrounded by water.

Venice at winter time is unique, beautiful, morbid and it seems like it covers up its secrets through dense fog. A kind of sadness even death lies over the city. Strange shadows appear at its walls. That all changes at Carnival time, then Venice shows only its glamorous side. People in costumes, wearing fantastic Masks, animate the city.
But nobody knows who is hiding behind these spectacular, fancy Masks

Nora, a Costume Designer and her friend Daniela receive an invitation to be a part of this historical event that goes way back in time.
Daniela first met Roberto, a businessman on a photo shoot in Las Vegas. He bought and already renovated parts of an old run down Palazzio. His big Grand Opening with a Mask Ball is tonight. Nora and Daniela are speechless about all this glamour, having a great time till to the moment they get separated. Daniela, drugged, finds herself in a room filled with attractive men, who celebrate a special kind of carnival.                                                                         

Nora, while looking for her friend notices a Woman that looks familiar and follows her into the run down East Wing hallway of the Palazzio. Nora gets scared and by her attempt to get out runs into Carlo, the former owner of the Palazzio. Nora finds out that she has been here before and had left a deadly secret behind.

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